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Simple Photo Editor is developed for easy photo improvements
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8 April 2015

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This is a photo editor.

Digital cameras are easily available and a lot of people own them. Moreover the mobile phones that practically everybody owns, have cameras. Most people tend to take a whole lot of pictures of anything and everything. Many a times these photographs need editing to be done. Particularly if you are out on a holiday, you want perfect photos for your memories. Often, some unwanted objects get shot. Be it a passer-by, a hanging wire or just an unwanted shadow can ruin a picture or become an irritant. You can make your picture free of these distracting objects with ease. This is done in a single click. How this is achieved is that the editor removes the object and then recreates the background and what was behind the object. You picture becomes almost perfect as all the unwanted blemishes and distractions are removed.

SoftOrbits Photo Editor uses Smart Select, Smart Mask and Smart Background helping you select and remove objects such as distracting shadows, power poles or simply random passers-by. No need for using an expensive photo editor. This simple tool will help you enhance the image after all the undesirable objects have been removed from it. The enhancement can be automatic or you can direct it to suit your sensibilities. Sharpening details is another option available. Leveling of the horizon or framing it perfectly are other features available. The tool works fast and simple to use, such that most users will be able to use it effectively fairly quickly. Sharing is easily done. This is a good product.

Publisher's description

Simple Photo Editor is developed for easy photo improvements. After shooting different places of interests a user can easily remove unwanted tourists or other waste objects from the shots to turn them into perfect postcards. This simple photo editing software helps to fix any shortcomings in shooting conditions wrong composition, darkness, noise, etc. Its primary function is cleaning photos from defects. As opposite to other software of such type, Simple Photo Editor is highly flexible in selecting objects for deletion. The fragment of any size can be selected precisely without affecting the surrounding area. The program removes the object on the foreground, restoring the background image. Even if there is a nonuniform background, this simple photo editing software will recreate all necessary details on the cleaned area. Selection marker, rectangular, freehand and color selecting tools are easy to handle for getting the intended effect. It is always possible to cancel the performed actions, if user made a mistake or wants to change the selection. In order to compare the achieved result with the initial shot a user can always check the original image in one click.It is easy to clean faces by a concealer brush. This is a universal masking tool with adjustable tone and radius. Simple Photo Editor allows quick optimization of various color settings and sharpness of the photo. Any parameter can be changed in a single click, previewing the result 'on the go'. Such defects as red eyes or extra blur are also fixable. As a rule, the shots are made in a big resolution that is not suitable for online publishing. There are many preset image sizes available in Simple Photo Editor. If a user changes only height or width, the program will automatically resize another dimension, saving the initial proportion.All the tools are logically divided into a few groups, easily accessible from the main window. When a specific tool is selected, settings are displayed on the right sidebar.
Simple Photo Editor
Simple Photo Editor
Version 1.2
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